Series of Apollo – Discovery of Apollo

How did I become first aware of Apollo? (A bit of my history on encountering him)

I was catholic, as many children out there, but that didn’t seem right to me, I believed in something more, not just one god who created it all. I was always drawn to those mythologies we learned in school and of course that was the greek/roman one.

In the time that I first entered paganism I was really drawn to Apollo. But that isn’t the end of the story haha Then one day I had a sort of vision, after 3 dreams, where I was in the bathroom like I had slept there, which I hadn’t, then I woke.

I took that sign as a sign of Poseidon telling me he was in my life. Some time after these events, still not devoting myself to any deity I studied egyptian mythology and I took the online course of the Kemetic Orthodoxy religion. I was impressed with everything egyptian. (I still am haha) I was really drawn to Aset (Isis) and Yinepu (Anubis). Actually it was because of Yinepu that I took the course and then I became aware of Aset.

2 days ago or so I decided to do a tarot spread to know my Patron God. In the main characteristic position was the 2 of Cups, which I read as being some god who had to do with harmony and had both feminine and masculine aspects or were also associated or accompanied by a goddess. I went to my list of gods that I feel drawn to and I search about some of them.

When I search about Apollo I came across with his association with harmony and wanting balance and order. And the woman on the 2 of Cups? Well, Artemis is his twin sister. Maybe the card was also showing her. Then of course there were more cards, and on the cult positions were the Wheel of Fortune and the 10 of Wands, which I read as being a god that his cult has to do with cycles, changes, etc… Apollo is a god associated with the sun, isn’t he? haha The 10 of Wands showed me that to cult this god I had to had responsibility and there was hard work in his cult.

Then there were two more cards that showed more of his energy and these were 4 of Cups and 5 of Pentacles. This means that the god is a god who thinks before doing, who has to do with meditation and the mind (4 of Cups), and a god that besides healing can cause plagues as well (5 of Pentacles).

So yes, I guess that the god on my reading was Apollo, and reading more about him, I realize how we both are alike, so he may not be my Patron God (which I think he is) but I am absolutely sure that he is very present in my life. My favorite number/lucky number/however you want to call it is 7, which I found out that is Apollo’s number. I search order and harmony as he does. I love arts, especially performative arts, such as music, dance and theatre. Actually I am on a drama club and I love it. I am nothing without music haha And besides of art I was really drawn to medicine and healing. As I wrote in the “About” section, I love tarot and divination as well as astrology. Those are many things that make me feel drawn to him.

You also may be thinking if I abandoned the other gods, but no. First: all of the gods are with me and every one of us haha. But, second: I feel Apollo, Poseidon, Aset and Yinepu very present in my life. And I have more deities I seem to like but the main would be these 4.

I think that would be it. Thank you,



Know Thyself Tarot Spread

Hey! I’m just here to post a spread that I saw on the preview of the book 365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day by Sasha Graham.

This spread is dedicated to Apollo because on the day April 6 it is celebrated the festival Delphinia. The author starts with a little introduction of the day as well as a summary of the tarot spread.

Summary of the Spread:

How well do you know yourself? Know thyself was inscribed at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, according to writer Pausanias. This spread inquires about you and just how well you know the person living in your skin.


Explanation of the Cards’ Positions:

  1. What is my understanding of the universe?
  2. What is my understanding of the earth?
  3. What role do my parents play in my life?
  4. What is the relationship between my body and my mind?
  5. How free am I to create possibility for myself?
  6. What invokes my curiosity?
  7. What fascinates me?
  8. What helps me follow my true path?


All the rights go to Sasha Graham, I did not created this spread.

Thank you,