Series of Apollo – Offerings

Offerings – historical and UPG – for Apollo

On offerings to the gods we see their myths, their symbols and even their epithets. So I’ll say which could be appropriate to offer Apollo.

  • We will start with music and poems, being a god of music.
  • Or even art, any kind of art but especially singing (music).
  • We can offer him bay leaves. He has a love myth of him and a nymph (as all we know he hadn’t a relationship for many time, there was a time where it would end by whatever reasons). This nymph was Daphne. Eros make Apollo fall deeply in love with the nymph but that the nymph didn’t want anything with Apollo. She was being “chased” by Apollo until she asked help from the gods and they transformed her into a bay tree. Since then, this tree and its leaves were sacred to Apollo. (He even wears a bay leaves wreath)
  • I saw in tumblr that we may give him flowers (maybe a thing that can be offered to most gods), but there is a flower associated with him: hyacinth. This is because of the myth of Apollo and Hyacinth. They were lovers, and Hyacinth died. Apollo didn’t want to let him go to the underworld and instead he created a flower with the name of his lover.
  • We can also offer him the offerings most common that most or all gods should accept: water, wine, bread, or even milk (or milk and honey).
  • I associate Apollo with honey (this can be a common offer to any of the gods, but I associate it more with Apollo, you may take it as UPG), and I want also to try and offer him tea, he seems to be someone who may enjoy tea. (Just wanted to add that Apollo is also associated with the bees, because in one myth, the oracle was given to him by three nymphs with bee heads.)
  • Frankincense was a common offering for the gods.
  • And if you enjoy colors and want to offer Apollo something that has to do with color, as I said in the symbols post, his colors are gold, yellow and white.
  • In tumblr I also saw that he enjoy chocolate.
  • And you may offer him things that have to do with his associations/symbols, such as wolf, dolphin or swan stuff.

If you wish to read more about offerings to Apollo, click here.

I think this is it. Thank you,


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