Series of Apollo – Family

Members of the family – genealogical connections – of Apollo

This is a theme that you can find almost everywhere, this being the Hellenic mythology (the most well-known) but I’ll write a bit about it.

Apollo and Artemis were born of Zeus, king of the gods, god of the storms and the sky, and Leto, a titan associated with motherhood. They were born in the island of Delos.

His twin sister, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, of the moon, of the wilderness and the protector of girls (where Apollo is the protector of boys). They both are seeing carrying a bow and arrows.


Although never married, Apollo had many children, both mortal and imortal. He had various lovers. I’ll give you some examples of his children:

  • Aristaios (or Aristaeus) is one of the imortal offspring, being son of Apollo and the nymph Kyrene (or Cyrene). This god is a rustic god of shepherds and cheesemaking, beekeeping and honey.
  • Other very known imortal child of Apollo is Asklepios (or Asclepius), born of Koronis, being the god of medicine (a role both he and his father are associated with).
  • Orpheus was a poet, one of the mortal offspring, born of Calliope.


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