Know Thyself Tarot Spread

Hey! I’m just here to post a spread that I saw on the preview of the book 365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day by Sasha Graham.

This spread is dedicated to Apollo because on the day April 6 it is celebrated the festival Delphinia. The author starts with a little introduction of the day as well as a summary of the tarot spread.

Summary of the Spread:

How well do you know yourself? Know thyself was inscribed at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, according to writer Pausanias. This spread inquires about you and just how well you know the person living in your skin.


Explanation of the Cards’ Positions:

  1. What is my understanding of the universe?
  2. What is my understanding of the earth?
  3. What role do my parents play in my life?
  4. What is the relationship between my body and my mind?
  5. How free am I to create possibility for myself?
  6. What invokes my curiosity?
  7. What fascinates me?
  8. What helps me follow my true path?


All the rights go to Sasha Graham, I did not created this spread.

Thank you,


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