Series of Apollo – Introduction

Hey there people!

So… I just started this blog, and what a great way to start it by doing the 30 days of deity devotion, in this case Apollo. Well this isn’t really all the 30 questions. There are some that I won’t put so I’ll call this Series of Apollo (instead of 30 Days of Apollo).

If you don’t know already, I just started devoting myself to Apollo, so I don’t have many UPG things but as my relationship with him grows I will change things, altough now in the beginning I will relay more on facts and on people who worship him.

A Basic Introduction to Apollo

Apollo… Apollo (sometimes spelled Apollon or ApollĂ´n) is a greek god that is associated with music, arts and crafts, poetry, the sun, knowledge, divination, truth, healing and as well plagues and disease.

He is well known for the role of a prophetic god of many oracles, but especially the Oracle of Delphi. At first glance people know him as a god of arts and healing but he is more than that.

As well as he can heal, he can also cause plagues. Actually I found him on this aspect of duality (I explain that in the next day of the devotion). He is also associated with protection. I will write about this various aspects of him in the next days.

He is represented as a handsome, blond, beardless young man. He is usually seen with a bow and arrows, with a wreath and branch of laurel and/or with a lyre. He is one of the twelve olympian gods.

If I ever forget something or if you want to add something, comment or email me.

So… This is it for today, thank you,


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